We are a plant subscription service for herbs & veggies



Sage & Seed is an herb & plant sustainable enterprise service providing you with timely seeds to start your own edible garden. Every package we give you, we give back to the charity of your choice. Educating kids on how to plant their own edible gardens or planting trees to reduce the impact of climate change.


The materials to grow the best plants

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The knowledge to get your plants growing


The ease to consistently do a little bit each day

Cool things about Sage & Seed: Every package they give customers, they give back to a charity of your choice.

Everything they’re doing is super sustainable.

They’re encouraging anyone to grow their own herbs, and plants, from scratch to help reduce the impact of climate change!
— The Foodnest
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Then we donate a percentage of our profits to one of two charities of your choice.

Between educating school children on how to grow their own edible gardens…

or planting trees to mitigate the effects of climate change…