Three tips for growing your herb garden

Growing your own herb gardens can seem overwhelming, however we love the satisfaction of picking fresh bas’ straight from the garden, to put onto your homemade delights. So, whether you have a large or a small garden, there is always a spot where you can grow some herbs.

But how to get started? Below, you will find three of our top tips that will help you get started with your herb garden.

1.Choose your favourite herbs

Before you begin making your own herb garden, you should choose which herbs to grow. Choose the herbs that you like using best. Consider which meals you prepare the most, and which ingredients you need for those.

If you grow a lot of different herbs at once, it might become labour-intensive. That's because all herbs require a specific care regimen, and before you know it you're spending hours on them. So make a selection and focus on those. Success is guaranteed!

2. Keep your herbs indoors at first

If you want to sow the herbs yourself, it's best to start indoors. This way, the seeds will germinate much faster. Sow them in small flower pots and make sure that excess water can drain. When it stops freezing at night, you can gradually start putting the plants outside. Put them out a little longer each time so that they can get used to the temperatures.

However, make sure you don't wait too long to transfer your herbs to a vegetable garden box.

3. Combine the right herbs

Not all herbs require the same care, which is why it is best to combine herbs with the same care regimen in the same planter or herb bed. Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, oregano and sage enjoy full sun and not too much water. Basil, chives and parsley, on the other hand, prefer drinking a little more.

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