The Christchurch Foodchase - Chasing the best Christchurch food spots

Who runs the Christchurch Foodchase?

Narrative Campaigns! Technically, we’re probably at the cross-section between a creative agency, branding freelancers and communication consultants. We work with socially conscious entrepreneurs and organisations to help them ‘change the narrative’; we bring communities together, we tell stories and we showcase impact. We’re experts in the ‘under 30’ space (often conflated with ‘digital’) and we come to work each day excited by the potential of our clients to change the world.

What's it all about?

The Christchurch Food Chase is Canterbury’s answer to a local dish competition between participating restaurants and cafes: held during the month of August 2019, establishments will have specially-created ‘Food Chase’ meals on offer.

How does it work?

We have a number of participating restaurants who have all created their own ‘Food Chase’ Dish. Visit these establishments between the 1st - 31st August, order the Food Chase Dish, and then rate your meal online ( We’ll be announcing the winners of the various categories at the end of the month.

Why did you start the Christchurch Foodchase?

It’s no secret that many in hospitality in Christchurch are doing it tough currently - with the increased number of establishments, continuing established geographical footprints in terms of people’s daily lives, and winter, generally.

In 2017 we - as Narrative - could see that this was going to be an issue - and set out to do something about it. The Christchurch Food Chase is Canterbury’s answer to a local dish competition; encouraging eateries to create a meal (under $35) for the competition and asking Christchurch to help us choose the favourite.

Why are you so passionate about hospitality in Christchurch?

Well, we love it! We're a super social small team and we think Christchurch has some of the best hospitality offerings around. We have a bunch of friends who run/work in super cool bars, cafes and restaurants - and we've also made a few just by spending a lot of time in them! We try to get out as much as possible to experience it all as we feel it is one of the key things that makes our city great. Bustling hospitality scene + engaged locals = prosperous city! (job opportunities, etc)

Do you know of someone that has completed the whole Christchurch Foodchase?

Not quite! I think someone did around 50% of them last year, which is a solid effort considering the 2018 version was over two weeks - that is equal to a Chase Dish almost every day.

What are some exciting dishes that are only going to be available through the Christchurch FoodChase? Are there any new dishes?

This year we've partnered with the North Canterbury Wine Region to promote a bunch of amazing events bringing wineries to the city, with everything from movie nights with wine deals to degustation dinners at some of the city's best restaurants. And we've been talking a lot about Arbo Cafe's Dr Seuss inspired 'Green Eggs & Ham' - you've got to try it!

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