Two Raw Sisters

We get our inspiration from everywhere, but sometimes it’s the local heroes that we love the most. Two Raw Sisters, Christchurch ladies on a mission to change your perception on plant-based food and educate people on how easy, time efficient, cost effective and delicious plants can be. We were lucky enough that they shared their foodie wisdom with Sage & Seed. Take a read!


Tell us a bit about yourselves

Firstly, yes, we are sisters! Margo is 20 and Rosa is 23. Rosa is an elite middle distance runner and has always been into food. Whereas Margo has always been into photography and design and only got into food about 4 years ago. In Margos first year out of school (2017) we both went over to America to study at a raw plant-based culinary school in Los Angeles, and the rest is history! Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would be doing what we do, let alone running a business together.

Why are you so passionate about what you do?

We have healed ourselves through a plant-based lifestyle and now we want to help heal others. Rosa struggled with a training obsession - under eating + over training - as well as having parasites in her gut. Margo suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 5 years and our healthy, fit Dad had a stroke and was told he could never drive again.

Within 3 months of changing our diets and focusing on eating as minimally processed foods as possible (fruits + vegetables, whole grains, good quality meat etc). Rosa’s parasites had disappeared, Margo’s CFS symptoms had significantly improved and Dad had gained 50% of our eyesight back and was driving. Three totally different illnesses or diseases and they were all cured through improving our lifestyle eating.

Everybody knows that fruit & vegetables are good for them but they don’t like the taste, or they think it is too hard to stick to. We love educating people that it is a lifestyle, not a diet, and how easy, cost effective and delicious it can really be.

What does a normal day look like to you?

Every day is different for Two Raw Sisters! Most mornings start off with a workout at F45 Riccarton followed by some sort of peanut butter breakfast. We normally start working at 8.30. In the mornings, we like to do our ‘active’ work, whether it be recipe testing + shooting, meetings or a private workshop. We will ALWAYS stop for lunch, this is our chill time of the day.

Afternoons are mostly based on our computers. We park ourselves up at a cafe, drink tea and do emails, editing, researching and developing new and exciting things for the business. 2 nights a week we have scheduled cooking workshops, and if this is the case, we start work a bit later and have more of a ‘chill’ day on our laptops or buying stuff for our new cooking school.

What do you love most about what you do?

We LOVE educating people during our workshops. Talking to them beforehand and then after the 2.5 hours they are bursting with inspiration, knowledge and can’t wait to get in the kitchen. Changing people perceptions on plant-based is what we love doing the most. Also, everyday is so different! You always wake up excited about what the day brings. There’s never a time when we wake up and think, here we go again.

What philosophies do you live by?

Everybody’s body is different. You may notice we don’t use the term ‘vegan’. A lot of people have this stigma that being vegan means you’re healthy. This can actually be the complete opposite because you can be vegan and life off coke, chips and Oreos. We refer to ‘plant-based’ because its basing your meals around plants and minimally processed foods then adding your meat/dairy/fish/poultry on the side, if you choose. We struggle with our iron levels so we have to eat red meat once or twice a week to remain at our peak health and wellness. We focus on quality over quantity.

Everybody’s body is different and a diet that works for someone may not work for you. Eating a balanced lifestyle is the way to go.

What is something that people don’t know about you?

When we say ‘raw’ we mean another word for whole foods. We do a mix of raw and cooked foods because who has time to start Thursday dinner on Monday? Not us!!!

Who inspires you?

Deliciously Ella is a true role model to us. She is so natural and down to earth yet so successful.

What are your top 5 tips for people who want to be more conscious about their own health and wellbeing?

  1. Focus on starting your meals with your plant-based foods then add your meat/dairy/fish/poultry on the side if you choose to.

  2. Quality over quantity when it comes to animal products

  3. Don’t get caught up in diets. Make plant-based living a LIFESTYLE

  4. Don’t calorie count. Calories are the amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of water. Not how much fat you’re going to gain.

  5. Stop + enjoy food while you’re eating it. Food is for nourishment to fuel our bodies, not to just full you up.

What are your future goals for Two Raw Sisters?

We have LOTS of exciting things planned. At the moment we are building the first plant-based cooking school in the Southern Hemisphere, opening 5th October and bring out our debut cookbook - out 4th October. So if we achieve those dates, we will be stoked.

In the future, we will be going online, so we are accessible to everyone all over the globe not just NZ. Making cost effective, easy, delicious whole food options more readily available. And of course, we will keep educating people and changing their perceptions on plant-based food.