Your seeds pack and how it works

Your seed pack is on its way, or hopefully arrived fresh for the new month.

You should have received.

  • Seeds – a small number of seeds of the same plant type

  • A soil tablet – a brown dehydrated growing medium pressed into a compact round shape, otherwise known as a peat pellet

  • A biodegradable pot – a small, fully biodegradable seedling pot for putting the soil and seeds into

  • More information about your seed


How to plant your seedling kits

  1. Put the soil tablet on a saucer or in a container and pour 50ml (10 teaspoons) of hot water over it.

  2. With gloves on, use your fingers to mix the water into the soil, make a wet mixture and watch it expand. (This should take a minute or so)

  3. Use most of this to fill up the pot about 2/3rd full.

  4. Place the seeds on top of this – but don’t push down too hard.

  5. Put the rest of the soil on top and cover the seed - you can also use soil from your garden to top this up. Your seed will do best just lightly covered with soil.